Your puppy is not the only puppy. By protecting all of our puppies
  from stress and disease that could be brought in by visitors, we
  are protecting your puppy. Just think about how you would feel if       someone who just wanted to see his or her pup happened to bring
in illness that would cause us to lose a puppy, or even the entire
litter. We have heard that some breeders allow people to visit
puppies early. If that is the case, the reality is most likely that
their number one objective is selling a puppy and concern for the
puppy’s well-being is secondary.  


 It is extremely stressful for the Momma dog to have strangers visit as she is caring for her litter. This in turn will put stress on the new born pups. Remember, you are only one of many people who want to adopt a puppy, not including everyone else who “just wants to peek at the new babies.” If we allow everyone to see, touch, or spend time with the new pups, the mom’s routine would be disrupted: her eating and caring for pups and even her ability to produce enough healthy milk for them could be at risk.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We take great care and much time caring for all of our dogs and puppies. It is time and energy consuming. We understand your excitement, and we are happy that you are enthusiastic about getting your pup. However, until you take your puppy home, we are responsible. The puppy’s health and safety is our number one priority. We guarantee, waiting a few weeks will be worth it.